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Old Republic Journals - Current Status

Who are we?

Old Republic Journals grew out of the Early Years Updates list. As we went along, characters sort of took on a life of their own and began to play. Master Tavaris created ORJ as a place to let those characters grow and interact.

Where are we currently?

Most Jedi noted are on Coruscant at the moment, awaiting new assignments.

Where are we in the timeline?

Obi-Wan Kenobi is 18 years old. We went AU from the time he was 16. In our universe, Xanatos DuCruet survived his final confrontation with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan and has been known to attack the Jedi.

In the past two years, many Jedi have left Coruscant, in preparation for a dark time they feel is coming. The others remain as they always have, as a force in the galaxy for peace.

What are our beliefs?

As certain things did not come to light until later in the prequels, the Jedi of the ORJ do permit life-bonds and joinings between Jedi, but these instances are extremely rare. Beyond that, these are the Jedi as they were in the prequels and in the Jedi Apprentice series of books.

Who are the currently active characters?

Original characters:

Master Healer Mehoud Akhal-Teke
Mariva Appolonia (bounty hunter; former Padawan of Jandra Mishnari)
Knight De'rel Aryok (Former Padawan of Kaiden Rynn)
Knight Togin Conpeq (former Padawan of Alida D'med)
Padawan Alo'ja Cuspa (Padawan of Jandra Mishnari)
Master Alida D'med (former Padawan of Saesee Tiin; widow of Bios Heln)
Padawan Cayla Hevars (Padawan of Rory Ultan)
Padawan Taren Kilderaad (Padawan of Kaiden Rynn)
Master Healer Konji (Mind Healer)
Knight Shay Lew (pilot; former Padawan of Ibo Naw)
Knight Healer Jandra Mishnari (former Padawan of Mehoud Akhal-teke)
Master Ibo Naw
Padawan Ana R'kell (Padawan of Ceryn Thea)
Master Regalan
Master Kaiden Rynn
Knight Healer Sekio (former Padawan of Mehoud Akhal-teke)
Padawan Skylan Tarlay (Padawan of Shay Lew)
Knight Ceryn Thea
Padawan Malik Tith (Padawan of Ibo Naw)
Master Healer Tlem-Kobu (Mind Healer)
Knight Rory Ultan
Padawan Nauthirya Zeriss (Padawan of Alida D'med)

Canon Characters:
(Canon characters are played as NPCs - these are not 'claimable' but may be used in play/writing)

Master Yoda
Master Qui-Gon Jinn
Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi
Master Yareal Poof
Master Saesee Tiin
Xanatos DuCruet (dark Jedi, former Padawan)

Characters no longer active, but you may find referenced in conversation:
(Please note - this is not a complete list. These characters are NOT available to be used in roleplay, but have affected the lives of others over the years.)

Healer Marcus Andros (deceased; former Padawan of Theon Fejj)
Padawan Penthorium Copernicus (left Coruscant; Padawan of Tavaris D'Vall)
Master Tavaris D'Vall (left Coruscant; former Padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn)
Padawan Kaliandra Daroa (deceased; Padawan of Alida D'med)
Padawan Icthyan Desmona (deceased; Padawan of Bios Heln)
Master Theon Fejj (deceased)
Master Healer Bios Heln (deceased; former Padawan of Theon Fejj)
Knight Anareal Jinn (left Coruscant; former Padawan of Tavaris D'Vall)
Master Healer Vassa (retired, no longer active/available to interact with)
Mikala Volaris (dark Jedi, former Padawan, not active/available to interact with)

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